The next big success of Apple are augmented reality glasses



Google Glass may have been a resounding failure, but some analysts believe that Apple may be able to succeed where Google did not. It’s rumored that Apple is interested in developing a pair of smart glasses with a strong focus on augmented reality features.

While Apple often tends to futuristic products and advanced technologies that never see the light of day, a reputed Financial Times report recently indicated that Apple wants to transition its smart glasses initiative “from a science project to a Consumer Product.”

What makes Apple’s interest in developing augmented reality smart glasses even more intriguing is that developers are already producing iOS demo apps with ARKit. Originally announced at WWDC this year, ARKit provides developers with a suite of tools and frameworks that enable them to create immersive augmented reality experiences. If the demonstrations we have seen so far are an indication, augmented reality may well assume the way we interact with technology in the months and years to come.


With so much potential, analyst Tony Sacconaghi believes that Apple’s AR glasses could have a significant impact on both the public and Apple’s production lines.

“If a CEO’s comments reflect a company’s enthusiasm for a new opportunity, then Apple apparently thinks augmented reality could be big business,” said Sacconagh.

In fact, Cook, who is notoriously prudent, has been very effusive every time the subject of augmented reality is addressed. In fact, Cook not so long ago went so far as to say that the impact of augmented reality can compete with that of the smartphone itself.

“The smartphone is for everyone,” Cook said earlier this year, “we do not have to think that the iPhone is about a particular market, demographic, national or vertical: it’s for everyone. I think AR is so big, and it’s huge. I was thrilled by the things that could be done that could improve many lives. And be entertaining. ”

As for the potential financial impact, Sacconaghi was very sharp, saying that three years after its launch could give Apple a profit of 25 billion dollars. It is, therefore, difficult to make cabals for an Apple product that does not yet officially exist, but as the month’s pass, it is increasingly plausible that smart glasses are the product that will change the game.

Do you think that finally, Apple will launch to develop them? Then. Will they break the market, unlike Google Glass? We wait for you in comments.