We’ve hit ground zero. Monday, February 8, 1999 and MacReactor.com is up and running, I’m proud to announce. In the next few months, we’re going to bring you some of the best content we can muster. Our staff is already hard at work preparing content for the rest of this week and the weeks to come. We’re veterans folks, and we’re here to bring you the skinny on the most rapidly growing sector of the Macintosh world: Gaming. You’ll probably recognize me as one of the higher-ups from Inside Mac Games, along with much of our staff. We’re even joined by Anne Feld from MacHome, and Mike Dixon from Mac Gamers’ Ledge. Both Anne and Mike will be contributing as Senior Editors while still remaining at their respective publications.

MacReactor is much more than a Macintosh gaming news site. Sure, we’re covering the major news of the day in Mac Games (graciously provided by Mac Gamers’ Ledge), but we also bring you something rarely seen online: professional reviews and previews of the hottest games for the Mac, as well as exclusive interviews with the game makers themselves. We know the people in the industry (hell, we go to dinner with most of them now and then), and we’re making it our duty to bring you just a step closer to what it’s like in the Mac gaming world. Our editors will be publishing editorials and columns, and our staff is working their hardest to give you the most detailed and insightful reviews on the web of newly released games.

We released our Press Release only late last week (Thursday, to be exact), and the response we've gotten has been extrordinary. People are intrigued, and who are we to complain? We couldn't be happier with the situation we are in. There are no lead times with MacReactor. We don’t have a print schedule, and believe us, we’re not going to wait for the post office to deliver the mail. You can imagine the relief we're feeling. For those of you who are avid Mac gamers, welcome home. For those of you who are new to the Mac, take a seat, grab a mouse, and start having some fun.


-Rafi Guroian

Editor in Chief

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